Duct Cleaning Clears More Than Dust

Why clean your air ducts? Besides the obvious reasons of getting rid of dust particles and contaminants within your HVAC ducts, clearing your home of allergens and making your HVAC system run more efficiently, clean air ducts can help guard against radon exposure in your home. Your home can be winterized and sealed tightly for maximum heating and cooling efficiency, but if your air ducts are dirty, you’ve now trapped any radon particles inside the system. That’s another big reason why duct cleaning should be done at least once a year, preferably during the winter check.

Radon gas can get into a home’s air ducts through the concrete slab in the basement, because radon resides in the soil next to the slab. The odorless, colorless gas gets into the ductwork and circulates through the system. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says people can receive more radiation from radon in their homes than from all other sources of radiation combined. Prolonged exposure to radon can cause lung cancer. Radon-induced lung cancer is estimated to kill over 21,000 people per year.

You can make an essential difference in your home’s air quality and your family’s health with regular duct cleanings. Better air quality from a higher-efficiency HVAC system includes the absence of harmful pathogens. Don’t fall prey to the myths that radon is not an issue, or that it can’t be fixed if discovered. It can be remedied, and it can be controlled. One of the ways is keeping it out of the duct work.

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