Networking With Your Thermostat

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The newest thermostats are energy savers and time savers.  That’s right. The same network that you use for your cell phone, computer and tablet devices now operates your thermostat.  WiFi thermostats allow the user to program their HVAC systems remotely and to do a host of other things both on-site and on-demand.

According to Energy Star, the average household in the U.S. spends $2,000 annually on energy, and about half of that is heating or cooling unused areas of the home.  New WiFi thermostats can change all that.  They will allow you to program your HVAC system by room, time of day and by the weather.  In fact, one model even gives you the weather report – a convenient feature as you head out the door for your day.  This feature is only one among many that industry leaders are saying will make consumers more aware of their energy spending and help provide ways to control it.  These smart thermostats will control more than just the HVAC system, or they can be part of a whole-house automation system.  

For those who don’t foresee their thermostats interacting with their big screen televisions and their window treatments, there are still individual units that offer current technology. They can be programmed remotely or adjusted on-site through voice commands, which industry experts say is a more “natural” way of interacting with your thermostat.  In addition, the thermostats can also be viewed remotely by your HVAC technician, if you provide access.  Technicians can troubleshoot before they arrive at your home, often enabling them to cut the amount of time spent on-site and allowing them to come prepared with parts, if necessary.  

These thermostats are, indeed, part of the home of the future, and they are here now.  Your professional HVAC technician can give you the highlights and recommend what’s right for you.

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