Air Source vs. Geothermal: A Duel To The Finish

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If you’re considering a heat pump for your home, you’ll have a choice between air source and ground source, or geothermal heat pumps.  An easy way to remember the difference is that one takes its heat from the air and the other from the ground.  Both are efficient and practical, due to recent innovations in compressor technology.  Let’s start from the ground.

Because the earth absorbs almost 50 percent of the sun’s energy and remains at a nearly constant temperature, a geothermal system is efficient and constant.  The system taps into the earth’s energy through an underground loop system that exchanges energy between your home and the ground.  Geothermal heat pumps are efficient, comfortable, reliable and cost-effective.  They can also be used to cool your home in the warmer months.

Air source heat pumps use air to generate heat.  An air source heat pump moves heat rather than creates it.  The pump works best with more heat in the air, but variable speed compressor technology has made them more practical, even in cooler climates.  A supplemental heating coil is also a good solution to heat the air if it’s not hot enough.  Air source heat pumps are more cost-efficient than oil, and they work well with underfloor heating, despite the fact that they use an above-ground fan and the unit looks similar to an air conditioner.  They are environmentally friendly and low-maintenance and can also be used to provide cooling during warmer months.

Both geothermal and air source heat pumps can be efficient in any climate.  Air source takes less space, but is clearly visible, while geothermal needs significant underground space but is invisible once installed.  Ask your HVAC professional which is right for you.


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