Warm Up This Winter With a Gas Fireplace

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As the autumn chill creeps into the air in Harford County, heaters all over town are kicking into gear. For those nippy evenings that follow beautiful sunny days, sometimes it’s more efficient to simply warm up the room rather than the entire house. If you have a gas fireplace, it’s easy to do. Rather than turning on the whole-house heating system, simply flick the remote control on a gas fireplace and it quickly heats the room to a pleasant temperature.

Gas fireplaces are not only convenient, they are cozy and efficient. A gas fireplace can add ambiance or atmosphere to a room – both for entertaining or simply relaxing. They are especially practical when positioned in a great room or a family room that is open to other areas of living space. The heat from the fireplace warms a large area, eliminating the need for the central heating to be running for short periods of time. In addition, gas fireplaces require little to no cleaning, no wood, and they don’t allow air to escape from the home through the chimney like a traditional fire place.

Although a gas fireplace can be a significant investment, it adds value to a home, both from a resale standpoint and an energy efficiency standpoint. Choosing the fireplace itself is an exercise in design and efficiency. A professional HVAC installer can install the fireplace in one day. Looking at the calendar…you can definitely enjoy the Thanksgiving parades and Bowl games next to the coziness of a new gas fireplace.

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