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Choosing heating and air conditioning products can be challenging.  Most homeowners take the advice of their professional HVAC installer.  Some products stand out more than others, and those are the ones smart installers will recommend.  The 2014 Dealer Design Awards named three top-notch products that are advanced and reasonable for residential use.  The research and reviews behind them, in addition to the recommendation by their HVAC professionals, make customers feel more confident in their investments.  Each product demonstrates the importance of key features consumers should consider when replacing HVAC units:  energy efficiency, noise level and ease-of-use.

First, the top award went to Rheem Prestige Series Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater.  Rheem brought the first if its kind to market in 2009, and this newest entry builds on the original’s efficiency.  It has an energy factor of 2.45 — moving ever closer to the 2015 Federal mandate that all residential electric storage water heaters larger than 55 gallons will be required to exceed an energy factor of 2.057.   Consumers want to keep energy efficiency in mind when purchasing new equipment.  The Carrier Comfort Series Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) was also named among the awards.  It offers a two-duct connection that transfers heat or energy from outgoing air to fresh, incoming air, making it energy efficient.  The AccuComfort Platinum ZV Variable-speed heat pump and air conditioning system from American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning was also selected for its ability to run at the exact speed needed to maintain indoor air temperature within half a degree of the setting selected by the consumer, regardless of the outside weather.  It’s also quiet and efficient, with a 21 SEER rating and a 54-55 dB sound level for heat pump and air conditioner, respectively.

Talk to your professional HVAC installer to learn more about similar products and efficiency ratings.

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