Smart Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

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The HVAC market is highly technical and requires trained contractors to both install and maintain systems.  Maintenance of your home HVAC system is crucial.  It should be inspected and tested at least twice a year.  If there are any potential problems looming, a trained technician will be able to identify them for you before it becomes an emergency.  It’s best to have a maintenance contract with an HVAC professional whom you have selected, so that you have a scheduled maintenance plan and records that are easily accessible.  But how do you choose that technician?

It could be the professional HVAC installer from whom you bought the system.  Or, it could be another local technician.  Remember that not all businesses who call themselves HVAC dealers have the qualified personnel necessary to do the job.  There are also local requirements and certifications that must be met.  So, when searching for a technician, here are a few questions you should ask:

Are you licensed?  All Maryland HVAC contractors are required to be licensed, and the license number should be listed on all documents.

Are your technicians CFC certified?  This certification is required for working with refrigerants to be sure they are recovered, recycled and disposed of correctly.

What level of insurance coverage do you have and does it include workers’ compensation?  You want to be sure the technician is covered in case of any accidents at your home.  Otherwise, you may be liable.  In addition, they should have general liability coverage in case of damage at your home.

Will you provide a written quote?  Best practice is that the customer receive a written quote that lists both the responsibilities of the contractor and the customer.

Do you perform warranty service throughout the warranty period?  Be sure you understand the contractor’s policy, because some only do installations, not service calls.

Can you provide references?  Talking to satisfied customers is always reassuring before you make your final decision.

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