What’s Hot for 2017

The residential heating and air conditioning industry is growing, and the outlook is positive for this year. We’ll even predict a few trends to watch for the coming year — 2018.

First, the HVAC industry is growing. That means the job market is growing for HVAC technicians. In addition, jobs are available because baby boomers are retiring. There is room for young people in this field. Statistics show that about 65 percent of the people who will be in the HVAC industry in 2020 were not in it in 2016. Technical programs at high schools should be in high demand, and current HVAC businesses will be looking to these programs to both encourage participation and recruit job candidates.

Second, Baltimore and Bel Air based HVAC technicians (such as HGH Mechanical, Inc.) will be sharing the new HVAC standards on efficiencies with customers. These standards for air conditioners sold in the U.S. went into effect on January 1, 2015, and they are specific to regions of the country. The regulations apply to all equipment, and they will be important in both the way customers choose their units and the way HVAC technicians sell and install them. We’ll share more details on how this affects your HVAC system in upcoming posts.

Based on these regulations, the consumer will see more high-efficiency products, especially motors. The motor is what influences system efficiency the most. Higher efficiency also means higher cost, because the manufacturers require better materials to achieve the efficiency levels. As with any infant technology, as higher efficiency units increase in popularity, the cost will come down. In the meantime, if you’re replacing your HVAC unit in 2017, you’ll want to choose a knowledgeable technician who can guide you through the process and products to get what’s right for you.

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