Giving Thanks the HVAC Way

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In this month of Thanksgiving and as we approach the holidays, there are many things for which we at HGH Mechanical are thankful, and many things we know our customers appreciate.  We want to take the time to express our gratitude for several things, and give you some tips that will help you to have an optimistic outlook, as well.  

We’re thankful for…

1.  …Our customers.   HGH customers are among the best.  They understand the need for maintenance plans, are always flexible and patient, and they are friendly and kind to every single HGH employee.

2.  …New and innovative products.  Our vendors bring new and exciting products to market every year and they make sure we are properly trained on all product details.  They are constantly making inroads with technology, and making products that are reliable and innovative.  

3. …The change of season.  We love the arrival of the cool, crisp air, but we also love the coming of spring and the warmer winds blowing into town.  We’re lucky to live in a temperate climate where there is not a huge swig, but we are also happy to be the provider of heating and cooling systems that are used year-round.

Customers tell us they’re happy, because …

  1. We answer the phone directly.  At HGH, you get a live person every time.  There’s no guesswork as to which department number you should choose and a live person is always knowledgeable about the industry.
  2. We arrive at your home when we say we will and try to keep waiting time to a minimum.  We even keep in touch by phone up to an hour before our appointment.
  3. HGH Mechanical staff personnel respect your home and your time.  We wear shoe covers while in your home, we are extremely careful, and we make good use of our time.  Our trained technicians know how to do an efficient maintenance check or how to properly install a new unit.  

We could continue the list, but you get the idea.  Add a few of your own by commenting!  This Thanksgiving, we at HGH are among the most thankful!

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