Tools of the Trade

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What do telescoping ladders, tape measures, digital cameras, mirrors, screwdrivers and soap bubble all have in common? They’re tools used to assess the performance of your appliances and HVAC systems. While these are common household items, they are helpful to the HVAC professional when doing checks of your system or recommendations for new units. In addition to fancy gadgetry, they have a stock of everyday items that help them do their jobs.

Ladders are necessary to get into the duct work and areas that are higher off the ground and require maintenance. Telescoping ladders are simply efficient for the tradesman because they are portable and collapsible. Tape measures are used not only to measure the area for the HVAC unit, but also to make a footprint sketch of the home. Digital cameras come in handy for documentation, but they can also help the technician to see into hard-to-reach places. By snapping a digital photo inside the ductwork, for example, the HVAC technician might be able to see something he couldn’t see with the naked eye.

Mirrors are usually on a telescoping rod that can get into small spaces. Similar to that tiny mirror the dentist uses to see behind your teeth, an inspection mirror allows the technician to see around curves and behind spaces. He’s looking for anything out of the ordinary, including holes, leaks or corrosion. Screwdrivers, wrenches and flashlights are, of course, staples in any toolbox, and they help in evaluating, repairing or installing the system. Soap bubbles are used to spot gas or air leaks in pipes or appliance connections. By rubbing a little liquid soap at the connection points, the technician can confirm the airtightness of the pipes. If the soap bubbles, he knows there’s an issue.

Schedule a maintenance check for your HVAC system and watch how many common tools of the trade your professional uses.  


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