Emergency Service Counts

If you were to dial 911 for an emergency, you’d expect to get an operator to help you right away. You’d expect that an ambulance, police or fire truck would be sent immediately, depending on your needs. These emergency responders are trained to assess the situation and handle it appropriately and immediately.

While usually not as time sensitive as a 911 call, emergency service calls for heating, air conditioning, plumbing or appliances are also handled by trained responders, and customers have certain expectations. In weather like Maryland has been experiencing this winter, it’s important that service technicians have a response plan in place. Customers are often unsure of where to turn for the quickest and best service in a heating or cooling emergency. If a furnace or heat pump fails during the cold winter months – especially with the Polar Vortex at hand – you’ll want to have confidence that it will be repaired quickly.

At HGH Mechanical, we have a plan in place in anticipation of an influx of heating emergencies. A good service provider will have extra crews available to cover calls, along with a trained staff who will prioritize jobs and set the customer’s expectations for service. The way a provider performs in an emergency can make or break a customer relationship.

Customers who have the foresight to have a service plan in place are prioritized during a busy time. If you have a heating or cooling emergency, call the number given on your service plan for fastest service. If you don’t have a plan, call the servicer and explain exactly what you’re experiencing – from no air moving through the ducts to water around the unit. The more detail you can give, the better the person can assess your needs. Even if you don’t have a service plan in place, you should be treated like a valuable customer. The servicer should do everything they can to get a technician to you within the same day. If a technician can arrive quickly and solve the problem, it’s likely you’ll be a customer for life. Emergency service is an important service – and HGH Mechanical is trained to do it well.

HGH duck call created by Service Tech Chris Rotundo

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