Heat Pumps Validated

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We like to think we’re innovative and a bit ahead of the heating and air conditioning curve here at HGH Mechanical. We’ve been singing the praises of heat pumps recently, and now even the Department of Energy has jumped on the bandwagon. The DOE just granted an award to S-RAM Dynamics to fund a project for a new natural refrigerant heat pump. S-RAM Dynamics says the heat pump will significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for commercial and industrial customers. The DOE said the technology would be part of the Next Generation Energy Efficient Building Technologies program. While the S-RAM Dynamics project will likely hit the commercial market first, it will trickle into the consumer market, like so many other technologies.

DOE officials acknowledged that energy efficient technologies are among the best opportunities to save consumers money while curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps are an excellent way to introduce energy efficiency into your home. Because they move heat from one place to another instead of burning fuel, they don’t emit greenhouse gas into the air. Current heat pump technology can cut the amount of electricity used for heating and cooling by 30-40 percent. The natural refrigerant technology from S-RAM will further reduce electricity use, making a heat pump a “must” for the home. Talk to your professional heating and air conditioning contractor about what a heat pump can do for your home.

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