Winter Heat-Savings Tips

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Whether you want to save your heat or save your money, here are a few ways to keep your home warmer as the “dead” of winter approaches.

  • Keep shades and curtains drawn against the cold.  Unless it’s a sunny day and the warmth of the sun will assist in heating the room, it’s best to keep shades drawn to serve as an insulator.
  • Block drafts from doors or window sills with a rolled up towel.  Better yet, seal them or install energy-saving windows to keep heat inside and cold outside.
  • Wear extra layers of clothing and put socks on your feet.  By dressing for winter as opposed to summer, you’ll keep your body warmer and not be tempted to turn the thermostat up higher.
  • Turn down the heat a few degrees if you’re not going to be home during the day or if you’re taking a winter vacation.  Use a programmable thermostat for easy changes.  Be sure you don’t turn the heat down so low that it causes frozen pipes or takes too much energy to heat the house back up when you’re ready.
  • Insulate your windows with plastic to keep out the cold.
  • Turn down your water heater a few degrees and shorten showers to save energy heating the water.
  • If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, use it.  Just be sure to close the vents when finished so that there’s no draft after the fire goes out. 
  • Turn ceiling fans on to circulate warm air in a room.
  • Keep your furnace maintained on a regular schedule.  Your professional heating and air conditioning technician will be able to spot trouble before it happens and leaves you out in the cold.

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