Trends in Energy Efficiency

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Often, we see trends emerging from the commercial HVAC market that will work their way into the residential market.  They start in the commercial sector because they might be more expensive or require larger space, but researchers are always trying to make things smaller and more cost-effective for consumer use.  

At the top of the “what’s hot” list for homeowners is the “smart” thermostat.  These thermostats are the rage among early adopters and the techie crowd because they are associated with the electronic devices that have become such a way of life.  They also save money.  Your heating and air conditioning professional can demonstrate the advantages for your home.

The next trend on the horizon, according to Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News, a leading trade magazine, is DEVap – desiccant-enhanced evaporative air conditioner.  This system reduces air conditioning energy use 40-90 percent by using a process that does not require coolant.  Developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, it helps reduce stuffy, stale air and high humidity levels.  Industry leaders are predicting DEVap will find its way out of the commercial market and into residential in the next year.

Commercial buildings using geothermal heating and cooling and solar systems are also models for residential innovations.  Called zero-energy buildings, these buildings also produce energy instead of just using it.  Already, geothermal heat pumps have proven to be a good investment for residential homes.  They use energy from the earth that is free and renewable.  Among the many advantages of geothermal heat pumps for consumers are a savings of up to 60 percent, an ecologically friendly product, comfortable, consistent temperatures and reliability.  Ask your HVAC professional about how geothermal heat pumps can change your energy efficiency.

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