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Winter Vacation Tips for Homes

If you’re lucky enough to escape the winter weather in Maryland for a short vacation, don’t ruin your return by forgetting to “winterize” your home. Here are some things to remember before you jet off to the tropics or get on that cruise ship to the balmy Caribbean. It’s a…  
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Giving Thanks the HVAC Way

In this month of Thanksgiving and as we approach the holidays, there are many things for which we at HGH Mechanical are thankful, and many things we know our customers appreciate.  We want to take the time to express our gratitude for several things, and give you some tips that…  
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Duct Cleaning Clears More Than Dust

Why clean your air ducts? Besides the obvious reasons of getting rid of dust particles and contaminants within your HVAC ducts, clearing your home of allergens and making your HVAC system run more efficiently, clean air ducts can help guard against radon exposure in your home. Your home can be…  
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Storm Season and Your HVAC System

It’s storm season in Maryland and you need to protect your Baltimore / Bel Air based HVAC system from possible damage. Because portions of the system are outdoors, they are vulnerable to weather conditions. Here are a few tips for keeping your system safe. If possible, cover the unit with…  
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HVAC Rebates Baltimore

Making the most of your rebate opportunities can help you keep your home energy costs down.  You don’t have to be buying a new HVAC system to get the rebates – you simply need to be an energy consumer.  Programs like BGE’s Smart Energy Rewards program lets you earn energy…  
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A Warm Thanksgiving Wish

While the turkey is roasting in the oven and the potatoes boiling on the stove, the house is warm with geothermal heat and the gas fireplace flickers in the family room. This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to be thankful for the little things we often take for granted, like the warmth…  
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Warm Up This Winter With a Gas Fireplace

As the autumn chill creeps into the air in Harford County, heaters all over town are kicking into gear. For those nippy evenings that follow beautiful sunny days, sometimes it’s more efficient to simply warm up the room rather than the entire house. If you have a gas fireplace, it’s…  
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Aaaah-Choo! Check Your Indoor Air

Indoor air quality can be a big contributor to allergies. All summer long, we have had our houses air tight with the air conditioning blasting. As the beautiful days of fall have taken over, perhaps you’ve opened your home’s windows to let in the fresh air. In addition to air,…  
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Helping Hands for Your Air Conditioner

As the Maryland summer outdoor temperatures and humidity creep up, we’ll be experiencing a huge strain on the power grids and a huge amount of use from our home air conditioners. Give your air conditioner a helping hand by keeping your home cool in other ways. These tips from Consumer…  
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Indoor Air Quality Counts

Did you know you breathe an average of 3,400 gallons of air each day? Whether you’re inside or outside, you are breathing some level of pollutants, and while the allergy season may force you inside until the pollen dissipates, indoor air pollutants can be two to five times higher than…  
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HGH has a team of technicians dedicated to the installation of gas fireplaces or the conversion of wood burning fireplaces into gas.

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Innovative Carrier geothermal heat pumps tap into the earth's surface to use the energy and relatively consistent heat found in soil or surface water as a heat source–instead of using outside air like traditional heat pumps.

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