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How Smart is “Smart?”

The smart home, the smart phone, the smart remote…whatever happened to the smart person?  We’ve been overtaken by smart devices that are programmable, learnable and savable.  These tiny computer-controlled devices supposedly make our lives easier, more convenient and save time.  Have you ever tried to program one of these smart…  
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Going Ductless

There’s a lot of buzz in the HVAC industry about ductless heating and air conditioning units.  These systems are popular in Europe and Asia, and they are beginning to penetrate the U.S. commercial market.  According to a survey published in ACHR News, a leading HVAC trade publication, approximately 85 percent…  
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Aaaah-Choo! Check Your Indoor Air

Indoor air quality can be a big contributor to allergies. All summer long, we have had our houses air tight with the air conditioning blasting. As the beautiful days of fall have taken over, perhaps you’ve opened your home’s windows to let in the fresh air. In addition to air,…  
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Vacation Energy Savings

When you leave on a week-long vacation, there are a few things home maintenance experts advise you to do:  turn off your water at both the source and the laundry, put lights on timers throughout the house, keep outdoor lights on near entry ways, and turn your air conditioning up,…  
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CMR’s Custom Calls


Install a Gas Fireplace

HGH has a team of technicians dedicated to the installation of gas fireplaces or the conversion of wood burning fireplaces into gas.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Innovative Carrier geothermal heat pumps tap into the earth's surface to use the energy and relatively consistent heat found in soil or surface water as a heat source–instead of using outside air like traditional heat pumps.

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