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Heat Pumps Validated

We like to think we’re innovative and a bit ahead of the heating and air conditioning curve here at HGH Mechanical. We’ve been singing the praises of heat pumps recently, and now even the Department of Energy has jumped on the bandwagon. The DOE just granted an award to S-RAM…  
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Air Source vs. Geothermal: A Duel To The Finish

If you’re considering a heat pump for your home, you’ll have a choice between air source and ground source, or geothermal heat pumps.  An easy way to remember the difference is that one takes its heat from the air and the other from the ground.  Both are efficient and practical,…  
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Go Geothermal

If you’re a homeowner who is looking for the maximum energy efficiency in your heating and cooling system, take this survey: What size is your property? Do you have a space of 15 x 15 feet located 10 feet from your home and from your property lines? Do you live…  
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Holiday Cash Stash

You can take advantage of some extra cash this season if you’ve replaced your heating or cooling system with a new, energy-efficient unit and are a Maryland BGE customer. BGE is offering rebates anywhere from $150 to $500, and you can combine several offers for multiple rebates. The current rebate…  
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Will HVAC Industry Live Up to Forecasts?

A study cited in ACHR News a few years ago forecast the 2015 HVAC demand at $17 billion, with heat pumps making the strongest gains of any heating equipment. The survey also showed rising interest in geothermal heat. We’ve seen much of this forecast become a reality, in part due…  
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With Love, From Your HVAC System

Dear beloved homeowner, It’s been a long, cold winter so far, and we’re only a little more than half-way through it in Maryland. I’m not used to having to work so hard here. These cold temperatures have me spewing out warm air almost constantly, but I’m not complaining. I’d do…  
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Baltimore Local Heating Professional

The largest home energy expense is heating — about 45 percent of the monthly energy bill. The average household consumes about 11,320 kilowatthours of electricity. With that known fact, shouldn’t you be committed to having the most efficient heating system possible? First, you should make your home energy efficient so…  
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Trends in Energy Efficiency

Often, we see trends emerging from the commercial HVAC market that will work their way into the residential market.  They start in the commercial sector because they might be more expensive or require larger space, but researchers are always trying to make things smaller and more cost-effective for consumer use….  
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The Ins and Outs of Geothermal Heat Pumps

Earth’s heat in, warm air out. And, reverse. Warm air out, cool air in. What is it? It’s one of the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient devices for heating and cooling your home — a geothermal heat pump. Becoming more popular due to their reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, geothermal heat pumps…  
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HOMES Act Retrofit Program Incentive for Energy Savings

The HOMES Act program being considered on Capitol Hill is designed to give consumers incentives for energy savings.  By reducing energy use anywhere from 20 to 50 percent, homeowners can receive rebates from $2,000-$8,000.  The bill currently has many stipulations for both the HVAC contractor and the type of reduction,…  
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