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The Right Customer Service

It seems as if customer service has become less of a priority in businesses that are supposed to be service-oriented. Personalization has gone by the wayside. Businesses are using technology to streamline their operations, sometimes at the risk of losing that customer touch. Examples abound. Customers call an office and…  
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HVAC Customer Service – Top Priority

With the release of the new fourth edition of Bel Air HVAC Customer Service Handbook, by Steve Coscia, we thought it might be a good opportunity to review a few basics that you, as a customer, should expect from your HVAC technician.  The book mentioned above is targeted to HVAC dealers…  
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HVAC Service in Harford County: Big-City Best Right in Your Backyard

This winter has had its challenges, and more often than not, while driving through residential neighborhoods in Harford County, we invariably saw one or two homes with an HVAC service van parked in the driveway. Lucky for these residents, they were able to get service when they needed it. Or,…  
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Giving Thanks the HVAC Way

In this month of Thanksgiving and as we approach the holidays, there are many things for which we at HGH Mechanical are thankful, and many things we know our customers appreciate.  We want to take the time to express our gratitude for several things, and give you some tips that…  
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Emergency Service Counts

If you were to dial 911 for an emergency, you’d expect to get an operator to help you right away. You’d expect that an ambulance, police or fire truck would be sent immediately, depending on your needs. These emergency responders are trained to assess the situation and handle it appropriately…  
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Tools of the Trade

What do telescoping ladders, tape measures, digital cameras, mirrors, screwdrivers and soap bubble all have in common? They’re tools used to assess the performance of your appliances and HVAC systems. While these are common household items, they are helpful to the HVAC professional when doing checks of your system or…  
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Smart Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

The HVAC market is highly technical and requires trained contractors to both install and maintain systems.  Maintenance of your home HVAC system is crucial.  It should be inspected and tested at least twice a year.  If there are any potential problems looming, a trained technician will be able to identify…  
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Did You Know. . .

Did you know that professional HVAC contractors do more than service your heating and air conditioning units? Of course, they provide routine maintenance and keep your system running smoothly. But they are trained to provide other services requiring professional assistance, such as installation and maintenance for gas lines. Connecting gas…  
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Mind Your Own Business

The front-page article in ACHR News last month sparked some interesting thoughts at the offices of HGH Mechanical about whether the family business makes a difference to our customers. “From One Generation to the Next” talked to a number of HVAC contractors who were navigating the sometimes choppy waters of…  
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Customer Service – A Priority

Competition is healthy in any industry, and the HVAC industry, is no exception.  You can choose from many reputable heating and air conditioning professionals in the Harford County area.  When it’s the middle of a hot, humid Maryland summer and your air conditioner breaks or it’s the dead of winter…  
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Install a Gas Fireplace

HGH has a team of technicians dedicated to the installation of gas fireplaces or the conversion of wood burning fireplaces into gas.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Innovative Carrier geothermal heat pumps tap into the earth's surface to use the energy and relatively consistent heat found in soil or surface water as a heat source–instead of using outside air like traditional heat pumps.

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