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What’s Your IAQ?

Your IAQ makes a huge difference in your health.  It also has an impact on your energy bills.  IAQ, or indoor air quality, is rated based on pollutants inside your home.  Radon, carbon monoxide and mold are just a few serious concerns in today’s homes – no matter the age…  
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Getting Your Ducts In A Row

Ductwork is as important as the HVAC unit in a home. It’s part of the system, and if it’s dirty, leaky or odorous, the entire system will be ineffective. Ductwork is often overlooked as a source of energy loss, but in truth, it can be the culprit of the poor…  
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HVAC Maintenance Plans Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of an HVAC maintenance plan this holiday season. While it may sound too practical, it really is a great gift for yourself and others. If an HVAC system breaks down, it costs the homeowner money and headaches. From getting a technician there to diagnose the problem to…  
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Three Dreaded Words

Customers seem to dread hearing three specific words from an HVAC professional:  “It’s The Compressor.”  These words strike fear in the heart of even the coolest of dudes.  “It’s The Compressor” is the same as saying, “Hand over $1,000.”  What do you do when you hear these words?  Well, typically,…  
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How Smart is “Smart?”

The smart home, the smart phone, the smart remote…whatever happened to the smart person?  We’ve been overtaken by smart devices that are programmable, learnable and savable.  These tiny computer-controlled devices supposedly make our lives easier, more convenient and save time.  Have you ever tried to program one of these smart…  
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Wait – My AC’s Not Working – Or Is It?

In anticipation of the hot weather, you’ve had your air conditioning checked, cleaned your filter and tested the system.  Everything’s a “go.”  But when a hot spell arrives, you might walk into your home and feel – well — hot.  If you joined the electric company’s energy saving plan, you…  
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Do You Need A New Heating or Air Conditioning System?

Sales of furnaces and air conditioners are up significantly this year over last year.  According to a report by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), shipments of air conditioners and heat pumps were up 17.3 percent in January 2013 over prior year.  Separately, the two categories were up…  
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Going Ductless

There’s a lot of buzz in the HVAC industry about ductless heating and air conditioning units.  These systems are popular in Europe and Asia, and they are beginning to penetrate the U.S. commercial market.  According to a survey published in ACHR News, a leading HVAC trade publication, approximately 85 percent…  
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