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Summer Savers

Are you ready to “summer-ize” your home? Just like you winterize your home to keep it as warm as possible during the colder Maryland winter months, there are certain things you can do to keep your house cooler in the summer. With the higher temperatures, your cooling system will be…  
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AHR Expo – A Technology Motivator

The annual AHR Expo was held in New York this year, with over 55,000 industry visitors converging on the trade show to experience new technologies for the marketplace and witness the latest “hottest” or “coolest” innovations. According to the Expo reports, there were hundreds of vendors showcasing their latest products…  
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Trends in Energy Efficiency

Often, we see trends emerging from the commercial HVAC market that will work their way into the residential market.  They start in the commercial sector because they might be more expensive or require larger space, but researchers are always trying to make things smaller and more cost-effective for consumer use….  
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Award-winning HVAC Products Food for Thought At Home

Choosing heating and air conditioning products can be challenging.  Most homeowners take the advice of their professional HVAC installer.  Some products stand out more than others, and those are the ones smart installers will recommend.  The 2014 Dealer Design Awards named three top-notch products that are advanced and reasonable for…  
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Air Conditioning Installation Harford County Maryland

Zones, ducts, heat pumps and SEER ratings – all are part of the continuous efforts to make heating and cooling technology more efficient. The newest units reduce energy, and, coupled with remote control wall thermostats that can be accessed through any computer or mobile device, we’re finding ways to reach…  
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Indoor Air Quality Counts

Did you know you breathe an average of 3,400 gallons of air each day? Whether you’re inside or outside, you are breathing some level of pollutants, and while the allergy season may force you inside until the pollen dissipates, indoor air pollutants can be two to five times higher than…  
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Know When to Say “Upgrade!”

Knowing when to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system is crucial to both its well-being and yours. If you wait too long, you could end up in an emergency situation that will cost you more than necessary. If you replace too soon, you could lose some precious years from…  
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How Smart is “Smart?”

The smart home, the smart phone, the smart remote…whatever happened to the smart person?  We’ve been overtaken by smart devices that are programmable, learnable and savable.  These tiny computer-controlled devices supposedly make our lives easier, more convenient and save time.  Have you ever tried to program one of these smart…  
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Wait – My AC’s Not Working – Or Is It?

In anticipation of the hot weather, you’ve had your air conditioning checked, cleaned your filter and tested the system.  Everything’s a “go.”  But when a hot spell arrives, you might walk into your home and feel – well — hot.  If you joined the electric company’s energy saving plan, you…  
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Financing a New HVAC System

If you’re ready for a new heating and air conditioning system, but the looming expense seems prohibitive, make sure you’ve explored all your options before you give up and just wait for an emergency. First, consider yourself lucky to have the luxury of researching the different types of systems and…  
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