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Maintaining Your Maintenance Schedule

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational Institute Standards Task Team is currently reviewing the maintenance standards of residential HVAC systems.  The standard provides the minimum requirements for inspection of residential HVAC equipment in single- or double-family dwellings less than three stories.  These requirements are performed by licensed HVAC contractors,…  
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Summer Savers

Are you ready to “summer-ize” your home? Just like you winterize your home to keep it as warm as possible during the colder Maryland winter months, there are certain things you can do to keep your house cooler in the summer. With the higher temperatures, your cooling system will be…  
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Spring Check-Up Time

With the hope that March will go out like a lamb and leave spring in its wake, it’s a good time to get on the docket with your heating and cooling professional for a maintenance check. Your furnace ran hard through an unusually cold winter in Maryland, and you’ll want…  
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What’s Your IAQ?

Your IAQ makes a huge difference in your health.  It also has an impact on your energy bills.  IAQ, or indoor air quality, is rated based on pollutants inside your home.  Radon, carbon monoxide and mold are just a few serious concerns in today’s homes – no matter the age…  
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Give Your Air Conditioning a Vacation Too

When you leave for summer vacation this year, don’t forget to give your air conditioner a little vacation, as well. Don’t turn it completely off; rather, turn it to a warmer setting. This will give your air conditioning unit a well-deserved break, but still keep the house at a temperature…  
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Spring In to Air Conditioning Action

Although spring doesn’t seem to be heating up Harford County yet this year, there’s always the chance for that 80-degree day of Maryland heat.  Don’t get caught without your air conditioner.  Regular maintenance and system checks are important in the spring, before using the system, and in the fall, after…  
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Did You Know. . .

Did you know that professional HVAC contractors do more than service your heating and air conditioning units? Of course, they provide routine maintenance and keep your system running smoothly. But they are trained to provide other services requiring professional assistance, such as installation and maintenance for gas lines. Connecting gas…  
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Why Do I Need an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

Have you considered a maintenance contract for your heating and air conditioning unit?  Whether your unit is brand new or approaching old age, there are distinct advantages to having a maintenance contract.  If your HVAC installer didn’t explain them to you, let us take the heat off. First, only you…  
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Vacation Energy Savings

When you leave on a week-long vacation, there are a few things home maintenance experts advise you to do:  turn off your water at both the source and the laundry, put lights on timers throughout the house, keep outdoor lights on near entry ways, and turn your air conditioning up,…  
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Wait – My AC’s Not Working – Or Is It?

In anticipation of the hot weather, you’ve had your air conditioning checked, cleaned your filter and tested the system.  Everything’s a “go.”  But when a hot spell arrives, you might walk into your home and feel – well — hot.  If you joined the electric company’s energy saving plan, you…  
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