Mind Your Own Business

The front-page article in ACHR News last month sparked some interesting thoughts at the offices of HGH Mechanical about whether the family business makes a difference to our customers. “From One Generation to the Next” talked to a number of HVAC contractors who were navigating the sometimes choppy waters of family businesses.

We know the advantages and disadvantages first-hand. From our standpoint, it’s an opportunity to share both the day and the triumphs with your family. That way, when I get a new client, my dad or my brother knows right away. It’s also a chance to make a difference for your family. Everything you do is working toward that family goal – whether it’s building the business, making enough money to send Junior to college, or simply valuing the skills of an older family member – you’re making a difference in your family. Why is this important to you, as our customer?

We’d like to think that our clients can tell the difference between our family-owned business and the competitor’s business made up of a variety of workers. First, family makes us service-oriented—with each other and with our customers. No one ever seems to feel like someone is stepping on their toes trying to muscle their way into a job. If we need to stay late to get a job done or to satisfy a client, it’s going to benefit us all in the long-run. You can be sure we are putting our heart and soul into each and every appointment, each and every installation, and that our families understand that we are built on customer service. Being around family all day also makes you do what’s best for everyone. Our customers really benefit here, because we don’t hesitate to decide what’s best for our customers and to communicate it to them. We’re a cohesive team. Maybe it has something to do with living in the same house with five brothers and sisters all our lives. We’ve learned to be a team – at work and at play, and for our business and for our clients.

HGH duck call created by Service Tech Chris Rotundo

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