Insuring Your Insurance

Insurance. It’s a protective net that keeps you from free falling down the slippery slope of expenses in case of an accident, illness or loss. Having insurance can result in discounts on other services, and vice versa. For example, sometimes a health club offers discounted memberships if you carry a certain health insurance. Or, you can get a discount on your health insurance if you have a gym membership.

Businesses can get reduced premiums on liability insurance if they have safety programs in place. If they are communicating safe procedures to their employees on a regular basis – whether it be through monthly safety meetings or written check stuffers, these programs help to raise awareness of safety in the workplace and can reduce accidents. At home, the same concept applies. Ask your insurance carrier if there are ways to save on homeowner’s insurance with the installation of new HVAC equipment. If you’re upgrading or installing a whole new HVAC unit or water heater, you’re lowering your risk of having a leak or a break down that could cause further damage to your home, resulting in collecting on your homeowner’s insurance. Or, if you install sensors that sense water leaks or gas leaks in the home, they are preventing a real headache and real repair costs that will go directly to your homeowner’s insurance. Report these changes to your insurance agent.

Finally, consider purchasing the maintenance contract on your HVAC system. It’s a type of insurance that can keep your system healthy. You should get two system “tune ups” per year, as well as coverage of parts and labor on any necessary repairs. You’ll have the insurance that you will be on the priority list during any storms that result in massive need for in-home service. Insurance can be a good feeling.

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