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If you’re a homeowner who is looking for the maximum energy efficiency in your heating and cooling system, take this survey:

  1. What size is your property?
  2. Do you have a space of 15 x 15 feet located 10 feet from your home and from your property lines?
  3. Do you live near a pond?
  4. Do you have well water or city water?

Your answers can determine whether or not your property is right for a geothermal heat pump system. If it is, what are you waiting for? Geothermal heating and cooling is a reliable, energy- and cost-efficient source way to heat and cool your home. It uses an underground loop system that utilizes ground temperatures as a “source” for heat energy during heating, and as a heat “sink” during cooling.  The earth provides a renewable source for heating and cooling and its moderate and stable temperature makes the geothermal system energy-efficient.

If your home is on a larger lot, you are a candidate for a horizontal loop, while a smaller lot can use a vertical loop. The smallest closed loop design requires 15 x 15 feet, or a line of 3 x 45 feet with a surrounding space of 10 feet from the home and property lines. Your professional HVAC installer can determine what’s right for your home and property. At HGH Mechanical, we use GeoDesigner software that measures depth, soil conditions, earth temperatures, outdoor air temperature extremes, local fuel rates and energy costs of certain systems. After examining all of these factors, plus learning about your home’s heating and cooling requirements, we’ll recommend the right system for you. If it’s geothermal, you’ll find that it’s three to five times more efficient than other types of furnaces and 30-50 percent more efficient than an air conditioner or heat pump.

So what are you waiting for? Find out today if your property can support geothermal!

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