Warm Up With a Fireplace

Ahhh, the leaping fire in the fireplace and the warmth of the flames on a crisp, cool evening is a picturesque image of autumn. A gas fireplace can add coziness to your home and can supplement your heating system. It’s also a great addition to a home for resale purposes, according to Remodeling Magazine, increasing the value of the home and bringing you a return on your investment. Gas fireplaces are ideal for family rooms, living rooms, master bedrooms and finished basements. They can be easily retrofitted into an existing home, and professional HVAC installers can install gas lines if they are not already present.

If you’re thinking about installing a gas fireplace, contact your professional HVAC dealer now, so that you can have the unit installed before the cold weather arrives. A gas fireplace gives you control of the room temperature, as well as immediate heat. Most units are controlled by a thermostat, and higher-end gas fireplaces feature comfort control systems that turn the fireplace heat up or down based on the pre-set temperature of the room.

There are so many choices in design, construction and venting systems that it may take you some time to select. Look for lightweight construction and a design that will compliment your home. The fireplace can be flush in the wall or can become a focal point with a designer hearth and mantle. The possibilities are endless, but the proper installation and venting are imperative. Take the advice of your builder or HVAC installer about the best venting system and requirements that will meet the building code.

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