HVAC Maintenance Plans Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of an HVAC maintenance plan this holiday season. While it may sound too practical, it really is a great gift for yourself and others. If an HVAC system breaks down, it costs the homeowner money and headaches. From getting a technician there to diagnose the problem to making sure it’s repaired properly and within your budget, having a furnace or air conditioning break-down is a terrible experience.

If you have a personal maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry. Plans usually cover two inspections per year – springtime, just before air conditioning season, and fall, just before heating season. At these visits, the technician will perform a checklist of items for your system. HGH technicians have a 15-point checklist –from checking the refrigerant to testing the system. If your technician encounters a weak link during the inspection, he should flag it. Sometimes the problem just needs to be watched, but it’s an indication of things to come. Other times, the problem calls for some action. A good technician will review your options with you, providing as much information as possible. That way, you have a chance to do your research, make informed decisions and avoid any emergencies.

If you do have a break down in your heating or air conditioning system during peak running times, a maintenance plan can make you a preferred customer. You’ll go to the top of the list and spend less time shivering in the winter without heat or fewer hours sweltering in the hot Maryland summer without air conditioning. In addition, some plans offer discounts on parts and labor or discounts on new units.

Give yourself or a loved on the gift of peace-of-mind this season. Give the gift of an HVAC maintenance plan.

If you are looking for a Bel Air Maryland based HVAC maintenance expert, then call 410-679-3794.

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