Winterize Your Home

Twice a year, every year. That’s how often you should have a maintenance check on your HVAC system. Before each change of season, call your HVAC professional. Instead of being one of those people who is frantically calling for furnace maintenance through chattering teeth in November, schedule that appointment with your professional HVAC technician well before it’s time to turn on the heat. Do the same thing in the spring before the sweltering heat arrives. Avoid being one of the emergency calls.

HVAC professionals encourage maintenance appointments. Heating and air conditioning units rarely break down completely without warning. Usually, it’s a lengthy process and any glitches can be found in routine maintenance. It’s like regular maintenance on your car or regular physical examinations for your body. Not only does maintenance prevent the shock of a total break-down, it also helps your system work at its optimum efficiency.

HGH offers service agreements for customers that can save you money on monthly utility bills and virtually eliminate costly emergency calls. In fact, if you schedule a maintenance appointment for September or early October, you can get a 13-point check up on your system for $69. You’ll be able to meet the first blast of cold air with confidence.


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