HVAC Customer Service – Top Priority

With the release of the new fourth edition of Bel Air HVAC Customer Service Handbook, by Steve Coscia, we thought it might be a good opportunity to review a few basics that you, as a customer, should expect from your HVAC technician.  The book mentioned above is targeted to HVAC dealers and their employees and is based on “soft skills.”

As a customer, if your Baltimore / Bel Air, MD HVAC dealer’s staff is trained in customer service, you should have a pleasant experience from the first phone call to the final payment.  Our advice on what to look for:

  • Courteous and friendly people – When you call for an appointment, you may get a machine that routes your call efficiently to the right place quickly, but once you follow the prompts, a knowledgeable and friendly person should be on the other end. They are your first impression of the company, and their demeanor sets the tone for the entire relationship.
  • Flexibility in appointments – If you need to wait two weeks in the blazing summer heat to have someone come out to look at your air conditioner, that’s a red flag. Find someone who is willing to accommodate your needs.
  • Appointment confirmation calls – If your appointment is made more than three days in advance, you should get a friendly confirmation call. It saves everyone time and energy.  It’s even better if this call can narrow the window of time for your appointment, making the hours you have to stay home and wait as few as possible.
  • Identification – All HVAC technicians should identify themselves when you answer the door. They should be dressed in uniform and have an ID badge.  They should also say a friendly, “Hello.”
  • Explanation – The technician should listen to your explanation of the problem, then explain what he plans to do. Once he looks at your HVAC system, he should review his findings with you and give you a thorough, understandable explanation.  He should be willing to answer any questions you have. He should stay on topic and on task, not ask questions about your family vacation.
  • Costs – The technician should supply a written estimate and explain it thoroughly. You should sign that estimate before work begins.
  • Comfort – Above all, you should feel comfortable that the technician has done his job in a timely and expert manner. You should also feel comfortable calling the office with any comments or concerns.

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