AHR Expo – A Technology Motivator

The annual AHR Expo was held in New York this year, with over 55,000 industry visitors converging on the trade show to experience new technologies for the marketplace and witness the latest “hottest” or “coolest” innovations. According to the Expo reports, there were hundreds of vendors showcasing their latest products in booths on the show floor. Like most trade shows, there were miles of booths, a myriad of educational seminars and awards for the most innovative products. From heating and cooling systems to green building and building control systems, there was something for everyone at the Expo.

Geothermal heat pumps and electric heat pump water heaters were among those products winning in the innovative product category. System management devices and building control systems were shown to help residential and commercial customers alike control their HVAC systems at the touch of a button. Software design tools, thermometers, ventilators and fans – all of these inventions are worthy winners. These will be the influential products of the year.

A trade show visit, even for a day, is always a motivator. It’s a motivator to keep building your business around innovative products. It’s a motivator to begin taking advantage of technology to run your business and your home. It’s a motivator to keep your views fresh and to focus on your customer. There are so many new things to digest after a big show like this. It takes a week to dig out from the ongoing day-to-day e-mail correspondence, and another two weeks to review everything you saw at the show, in between follow-up to customers and vendors.

The trade show motivation can’t come at a better time. It keeps us learning new ways to service our customers, and new ways to streamline our jobs. It’s industry technology and industry marketing at its finest.

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