Customer Service – A Priority

Competition is healthy in any industry, and the HVAC industry, is no exception.  You can choose from many reputable heating and air conditioning professionals in the Harford County area.  When it’s the middle of a hot, humid Maryland summer and your air conditioner breaks or it’s the dead of winter and you’re shivering because your furnace has malfunctioned, your primary concern is customer service – quick, on-time, efficient customer service.

HGH Mechanical believes that customer service has to be the number one priority to keep our business running.  We were recently honored with the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.  Because this award results from an on-line community that provides feedback from real customers, we put some stock in the award.  Reviews are usually brutally honest and ranking is usually accurate.  The award is given to less than five percent of the companies on Angie’s List.  But what really constitutes great customer service?

While we could write volumes on service tips, it really boils down to the fact that customer service is only as good as the people who provide it.  Those people must be carefully selected and trained, with the knowledge that their actions reflect our business and attitudes.  Customer service representatives must also be empowered.  That means they need to be able to make decisions to accommodate the customer.  While policies and rules are great, flexibility is key to great customer service — whether that’s faster appointment times or providing remuneration for a mistake.  Finally, the customer service team needs to go the extra mile.  They should listen to the customers’ needs, help devise solutions and provide that extra touch of a follow-up call or a thank you note.  It’s that extra touch that makes the customer feel valued.  It makes the customer feel like serving them top priority.


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