Air Conditioning Installation Harford County Maryland

Zones, ducts, heat pumps and SEER ratings – all are part of the continuous efforts to make heating and cooling technology more efficient. The newest units reduce energy, and, coupled with remote control wall thermostats that can be accessed through any computer or mobile device, we’re finding ways to reach peak efficiency. “We” is used in the collective sense – a team effort will help create the best energy savings. That team includes the consumer, the air conditioning manufacturers and the professional air conditioning service installers and technicians. By working as a team, you can save more money on your energy bill.

First, you, the consumer, must have a goal of maximum efficiency and proactivity. By using technology, you can not only increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, you can increase your time efficiency, as well. If you need a reminder to replace your filter or schedule your bi-annual service inspection, you can use technology to receive text or e-mail alerts. You can also use smart thermostats to program your schedule and the cycling of the air conditioner. Some air conditioning manufacturers are interfacing with the national electric grid, so that units are remotely regulated according to geography and changing weather conditions.

Other manufacturers are offering multi-zone and duct-free systems that allow for heating and cooling in up to eight zones. This is especially useful if you are spending a long period of time in one section of your home, or if you want to cool only the bedrooms during the night and not waste the precious cold air on the empty rooms on the main floor. One manufacturer is actually changing the shape of its units from rectangles to triangles, resulting in a compact unit with wider inlets and outlets and larger fans. This allows more efficient and quicker cooling.

Do your research before installing a new air conditioner and have the technician tell you about the unit’s efficiency, or SEER ratings. Make your decisions based on your own household cooling needs. Remember that an investment now will go a long way to savings in the future.

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