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Smart Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

The HVAC market is highly technical and requires trained contractors to both install and maintain systems.  Maintenance of your home HVAC system is crucial.  It should be inspected and tested at least twice a year.  If there are any potential problems looming, a trained technician will be able to identify…  
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Energy Rebates Equal Great Savings for Baltimore Heating and Air Conditioning Customers

Making the most of your rebate opportunities can help you keep your home energy costs down.  You don’t have to be buying a new HVAC system to get the rebates – you simply need to be an energy consumer.  Programs like BGE’s Smart Energy Rewards program lets you earn energy…  
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Team AC: Your Air Conditioning Technology Team

Zones, ducts, heat pumps and SEER ratings – all are part of the continuous efforts to make heating and cooling technology more efficient. The newest units reduce energy, and, coupled with remote control wall thermostats that can be accessed through any computer or mobile device, we’re finding ways to reach…  
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Winterize Your Home

Twice a year, every year. That’s how often you should have a maintenance check on your HVAC system. Before each change of season, call your HVAC professional. Instead of being one of those people who is frantically calling for furnace maintenance through chattering teeth in November, schedule that appointment with…  
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Spring In to Air Conditioning Action

Although spring doesn’t seem to be heating up Harford County yet this year, there’s always the chance for that 80-degree day of Maryland heat.  Don’t get caught without your air conditioner.  Regular maintenance and system checks are important in the spring, before using the system, and in the fall, after…  
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Holiday Cash Stash

You can take advantage of some extra cash this season if you’ve replaced your heating or cooling system with a new, energy-efficient unit and are a Maryland BGE customer. BGE is offering rebates anywhere from $150 to $500, and you can combine several offers for multiple rebates. The current rebate…  
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Location Important In More than Real Estate

Location, location, location.  That’s usually a mantra heard when purchasing or selling a home.  However, it can be applied to home services, too.  Is it smarter to hire contractors for building, appliances or HVAC who are local?  We think so. First, the local contractor has established roots in the community…  
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SEER and AFUE – By the Numbers

There’s lots of talk about SEER ratings and AFUE minimums in the heating and air conditioning market these days. What do these acronyms mean? The letters are actually all about numbers. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Mostly associated with air conditioning units, it gives a point of reference…  
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Award-winning HVAC Products Food for Thought At Home

Choosing heating and air conditioning products can be challenging.  Most homeowners take the advice of their professional HVAC installer.  Some products stand out more than others, and those are the ones smart installers will recommend.  The 2014 Dealer Design Awards named three top-notch products that are advanced and reasonable for…  
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HVAC Customer Service – Top Priority

With the release of the new fourth edition of HVAC Customer Service Handbook, by Steve Coscia, we thought it might be a good opportunity to review a few basics that you, as a customer, should expect from your HVAC technician.  The book mentioned above is targeted to HVAC dealers and…  
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